Thursday, 2 February 2017


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Does your GF Be Crazy?Hot and Crazy Chicks: GF Be Crazy

Chances are if you are in a relationship with a crazy GF, you know it.  You may not be able to get yourself out.  But you know it.

These relationships Adultfrinendfinder are like quicksand.  At first it feels wet and nice.  Perhaps a little bit like living on the wild side.

Next thing you know you are struggling and you can’t get out.

Just in case you really are clueless here is the GF be Crazy Checklist.  If you find you nodding your head to one single one of these points.  Chances are your GF be crazy.  Two or more and it is time to run for those hills before she boils your pet rabbit.

Does she want to get married after two months of dating?
Has she, “hit for the cycle” Has she broken up with you.  Sets your clothes on fire, burned your house to the ground, tried to get you fired and/or keyed your car or slashed your tires, only to call up the next morning wanting to get back together again.
Is she a crazy talker? Lots of women like to talk.  But can she keep a conversation going for an hour.  Without seeming to pause.  Or even breathe. With active listening I discss trying to keep a woman talking as much as you can for attraction, but this is torrential talking.  You can’t control it.  You can’t slow it.  It is a force of nature.
Premature, “I love you.” Now if you pop it out first it is on you…not her.  But a normal first date does not end with an, “I think I love you”
Does she go nuclear at the mere mention of an ex-girlfriend. Many women get jealous of an ex-girlfriend.  The LEVEL of jealousy is what is important here.  In this instance we are talking about pathological levels of jealousy.
Does she seem to not have too many friends, and those she does have refer to her as a “drama queen”
Is she a wild and abusive drunk. If she gets drunk and slings bile and hatred at you, accusing you of thing you have never done, you can rest assured there is a good chance this is what she thinks all the time.  People sometimes get drunk and say things they don’t mean.  That is understandable and forgivable.  The stuff I am talking about here the unleashing vast reservoirs of hidden rage.
Does she “Push-your-Buttons” early on in a relationship? Men and women in a relationship will push each others buttons to see where the limits are.  It is part of the way relationships work.  It is more comfortable when we know what are limits are and know the boundaries.  But time is a big factor in this.  Normal people go through a honeymoon stage.  Button pushing early on means she is aggressive and really wants to control you.  If you find a girl continuously “pushing your buttons” early on in a relationship.  It might to time to kick her to the curb before the crazy begins to spread and fester.
Do you find yourself, “walking on eggshells” around her. If you find you are having to be exceptionally careful around her or you will “make her mad”.    You perhaps should step back and wonder what has gotten you to that state.
Does she seem bipolar? Is the universe filled with light, joy and happiness when she see you one day and then the next you are simply a dirty-filthy-horrible-cheating-bastard man! Extreme and sudden shifts in her outlook are a distinct sign to run…not walk to the nearest exit.
Have you ever found yourself lying to friends and family about what she has done or what she is like?
Has she or does she own a snake or spider since high school. Any adult Adultfrinendfinder female owning a snake or a spider. Creepy. Crawly.
Have you seen her fly into frothing rages over trivial matters? Enough Adultfrinendfinder said about that.  Shhhhh.  She might hear you.
Is she/was she or has she ever been a stripper or a prostitute. Or even a stripper-prostitute.  C’Mon  those girls know how to have fun.  Right?  Ummm  Ya.  I am not denying the “hooker with the heart of gold” syndrome.  Or saying that someone cold never overcome ignoble beginnings.  But it is a huge black check-mark in the batshit crazy GF department.
Does she have no “shade of grey”. Is everything Adultfrinendfinder she talk about black or white.  Everything completely good or completely bad.  This can seem fine as long as you are on the “white” side of her feeling.  If and when you dip into the “black”  watch out.  GF Be Crazy.
If your girl has more than one of these traits it is almost a sure thing that, “GF Be Crazy”.  It is best to move and and find someone worth your time and effort.  Just don’t tell her I said so.  because, you know, GF be crazy….

When being in a relationship means being tied hand-and-claw to a harpy, it can definitely better to move on.  Find some new (sane) women.